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The Thing I Want Most

Today I am angry. I know in my heart of hearts an atrocious crime was committed. I know because I realize I am not crazy. I am not a control freak and I am not the reason my son left me. My son’s sperm donor tells him I am a control freak, just a stupid… Continue reading The Thing I Want Most

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Alternate Universes

I keep thinking I will wake up and I will be in an alternate universe. Maybe I will find some green and yellow rings and puddle jump with Polly and Digory into different worlds. Maybe I will find a machine that takes me to the other side of the rift in time and I will… Continue reading Alternate Universes

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My Son Left Me

I hate July. It is hot. My hair is dry from chlorine. I am several pounds heavier than I was in May. I have to shave my legs every day. I hate July. I hate July 2018. This is the month my life changed forever. In many ways, this will be ok. Possibly better than… Continue reading My Son Left Me