All the truly good words of sadness begin with “D’s.” Have you noticed?

Desperate, destroyed, distressed, despondent, despairing, dejected, dismal, disheartened.


I need to make some changes.


When I first started writing this blog, I felt depleted of all worth. That is why my heading read:

“Motherhood is a role we take for granted. We do not realize it can be snatched away. The one identity no one can steal can be stolen.”


In August, I tattooed a poem on my arm. I chose this placement so I could always see these words in the hopes I would someday be able to live into them. I wrote about this poem in an earlier post.

              In the garden, I know who you are.

              Blood in the dust of a fallen star.

              If we choose to let go.

             If we choose to forgive.

             We can comfort each other

             And start to live.

                                        Julie Flanders


No “D” words. None.


The tattoo artist had to make some changes to the wording and spacing so everything would fit and still have room for my fru-fru scrolling around the words. My arm reads, “…let go … forgive … comfort each other … start to live.”


Not a single “D” anywhere.


Baby steps. I am starting with changing the header on this blog. I will keep the depressing, dreary, and dispirited words as I wrote them above as a reminder. But, I am making this change in the hopes of finding delight — see what I did there? Clever, eh?


Type in “happy” in the thesaurus. “Delight.” That’s the only “D.” I like the fact that I am giggling to myself about a ridiculous letter. It is nice to lift my head out of the drudgery. Baby steps towards hope.  

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